Homebase use Hire station, which is a national tool hire company, to supply the hire tools for this service. Homebase tool hire supplies customers with tools as well as small equipment. The advantages to hiring tools through Homebase, is that they are at a reasonable cost, are delivered on a day suited or requested by the customer and are also of a high standard and quality.

Tools available: There are many tools for hire with Homebase including, building tools, cleaning tools, surveying equipment and also gardening tools.

Homebase Power Tools 1. Safety equipment (Access and Support): Safety is priority, so fall prevention equipment as well as fall arrest devices are always needed. Homebase can supply a full range of safety equipment including, ladder safety devices, scaffolding, folding work platforms as well as stagings.

2. Building tools: Tools available include builder's accessories at Homebase, such as bolt croppers, sledge hammers, bolt croppers, tarmac rakes and also shovels. There is equipment to help with damp proofing and also detection tools. Excavators are available for hire for works such as either garden clearance, foundation works and in ground levelling. There is road safety tools and equipment and also site equipment and security equipment including, rubbish chutes and security features such as tool vaults and safety harnesses.

3. Cleaning tools: There is a vast range of cleaning tools available to hire including, pressure washers, carpet cleaners and also floor scrubbers.

4. Concrete Mixing: There are many concrete mixing tools available to hire along with the tools needed for compaction and final testing.

5. Cutting and grinding tools: There are tools available for grinding, metal and tile cutting, as well as for the control of the dust.

6. Drills: There are endless types of drills to hire. Some include, air tools, diamond drills, cordless tools and also breakers.

7. Electrical tools for cable cutting.

8. Garden tools: Tools available for big or small garden jobs from Homebase to hire include, garden clearing, preparation and also grass care tools.

9. Surveying equipment: such as grade and pipe lasers are available to hire.

10. Heaters: Plus dryers, coolers and also fume extraction devices are part of Homebase tool hire.

11. There are various versatile lifting equipment available that can be used for various applications. These include, beams, gantries, towers, chains and cables.

12. Lighting and welding: Generators are available along with electrical distributors and also welding accessories to hire from Homebase.