Power tools are generally tools or devices that are actuated by an additional power source and mechanism as opposed to the manual labour required to drive hand tools. For example, there is a hand-driven drill and a power-driven drill.

The hand driven drill requires a lot of effort so get through for example a plank of wood. The power-driven drill as opposed to the hand-driven drill makes work easier and also is much more efficient and also saves a lot of time.

Homebase Power Tools When people shop for home based tools, specifically home based power tools, they require a place with a wide range of tools. This helps save time rather than moving from store to store looking for different types of power tools that one may require at home. Homebase DIY is the UK's leading shop for buying good quality power tools like drills, saws, jigaws, lathes, grinders, air compressors, power washers, sanders and welding equipment.

They also have tools in different types. For example, they have the wood Jigsaw blade, the Jigsaw blade for cutting U-shank and T-shank and many more including drills that can be used for drilling both wood and metal.

The wide range of brands is also an added advantage to customers with the brands ranging from Black and Decker, Bosch to Pirhana. This ensures that customers get what they require from the store. Especially people who tend to get attached to certain types of brands because of their nature to last long. Home base also only provides a variety of brands that are one of the best in the market. They also provided corded and cordless power tools according to the customers’ needs and requirements.

Homebase also provides customers with ratings of different tools using stars. The ratings go up to 5 stars. This mostly helps online shoppers to select the top rated tools in the store easily. Homebase provide power tools with different power voltage which also is at the customers preference.

The voltage available is between 3.6v and 1500w. Their wide range of prices is also a huge advantage because of the different classes of people who maybe shopping in the store. They also have very fair prices which is is comparable to places like Screwfix, B and Q and Wickes.