When winter sets in and the atmosphere becomes chilly, nothing beats gathering round a nice, warm fire. Thus, it’s good to do some search upfront so that you fit the right gas fires in your home ahead of the cold season.

Whether you are looking for a mobile or portable gas fire that can be used to heat up a spare room with no central heating or a permanent gas fire (that uses flueless or gas) for your lounge then Homebase has it covered.

Homebase Gas FiresThe good thing is that the gas fires available in the market today are more efficient than ever, and as long as you make your purchase from a recognised establishment, you can be assured of the quality of the equipment.

Depending on the theme in your home, you can choose from the variety offered at Homebase gas fires and once you make the purchase and do the installation, you can be certain to enjoy a lot of benefits:

One of the main advantages of buying gas fires is that they come in a range of designs – both contemporary and modern. Hence, depending on the furnishings in your home, you can pick from chrome, brass or marble gas fires. Gas fires are also available in varying colors; therefore, you can get whatever you need regardless of what you wish to incorporate.

Another benefit of gas fires is that they enable you to keep warm without making your heating bills unmanageable. Quality gas fires are 99.9% efficient and they can help you cut down your energy bills by as much as 55%. Aside from the air of comfort they provide, gas fires can add a touch of class to your home interior as well, particularly if you go for the brass or black varieties.

Unlike traditional fireplaces, gas fires can be wall mounted and even fully recessed into a wall to supply the needed warmth without taking up valuable space. Besides, when you get and install something of good quality, you can have it in place for a long period without the need for repair or replacements.

Evidently, gas fires provide a lot of convenience, and they are ideal for any home since they come with a readily available fuel supply.

Still, there are some considerations you have to make when choosing a gas fire. Depending on whether or not you want the gas fire mounted on your wall, you can go for the stand alone stoves or the wall mounted Homebase gas fires. Also, you have to factor in their heat output, fuel efficiency, type of control and the measurements of the space where you want to fit them.

Even though you may wish to just install the gas fire by yourself, it’s best to leave the task to a professional so you are confident to have it done in the right way.