If your basin tap on your kitchen sink is looking a little tired and worn out then why not buy a new one? There are all types of Homebase taps that will fit the bill. From strong basin taps that look both elegant and are sturdy to decorative bath taps that add a touch of class to any bathroom or shower suite.

Fitting a Homebase tap should really be done by a plumber because you do want to avoid leaks and annoying drips and you did you know you can prolong the life of any tap by cleaning with a soft cloth with warm water and a good kitchen cleaner. With regular cleaning you can prolong the life of any tap by months, if not years. Homebase UK have these types of taps for you to buy in-store and online:

Homebase TapsPillar Basin /Bath Taps
These are the cheapest to buy because they serve as an all in one tap where you can use both hot and cold water with two taps attached. The handles are the normal lever or cross shaped and are ideal for people with disabilities or the older people because they are easier to grip.

Mixer Taps
Homebase mixer taps sell well because they look elegant and have a futuristic look about them. One or two handles control the pressure and temperature. Make sure there is enough water pressure coming through to the bathroom before you fit mixer taps in your bathroom suite.

Dual Flow Taps
Use these when you want to use mixed taps but lack the required pressure because there is discrepancy between pressure of hot and cold.

Monobloc Taps
These are very small and are ideal for small spaces, once again check that you have equal pressure between hot and cold and your set to go.

Shower Taps
Shower mixer taps are great for those DIY showers where cost is the prime consideration. With a flick of a switch, the water is automatically transferred up through the taps into the shower. Showers using shower mixer taps cost less to put up because no extra plumbing is required.

Taps from Homebase come in types of finish. From brass, chrome, steels and matt there is literally a tap for every taste so pop down to your local Homebase DIY shop today and buy the lowest priced taps for bathrooms, shower rooms, kitchens, sinks and bath suites.