We all like to do our bit and help the environment so investing in a Homebase bin serves two purposes; disposing of the household food waste in a hygienic manner and also helping to keep our waste green but did you know there are all types of bins you can buy from your local Homebase DIY store?

Homebase Touch Bins
Touch bins are really in vogue at the moment because they are quiet, look great and are very hygienic. The most popular Homebase touch bin is the Brabantia 30L with some great reviews this is the best seller in the touch bin range. This bin come in matt or brilliant steel and is tall, elegant and keeps kitchen waste secure in a tight container. There is a much cheaper touch bin that is non branded - the Homebase touch bin costs under £15 and ships in the colour red.
It has slight reduced waste storage of 25 litres but for the price offers great value for money.

Homebase BinsHomebase Kitchen Pedal Bins
The pedal bin is small by nature and this makes it ideal to fit in smaller spaces and can be used in other rooms such as the bedroom or bathroom. A typical Homebase pedal bin costs under £10 but our pick is the Living 12 litre pedal bin coming in at £12.99

The brushed stainless steel finish gives the bin a touch of class and the quality is reasonable considering the price. Sometimes buying the cheapest pedal bin is non-cost effective.

Homebase Swing Bins
Made from plastic, the swing bin is the common type of waste bin that most homes have in their kitchen. There is a good range to choose from, including a new hybrid swing bin that also has a lift top lid. Swing bins need to have the right bin liners or they are prone to slipping and thus food waste is not stored hygienically.

You can buy bin liners from Homebase too which are competitive in price compared to the budget range at Asda, Sainsbury's or Tesco.