There is something so very British about getting excited about buying a new garden shed so you need to make sure you plan your project properly and some of the best sheds you can buy in the UK are available at Homebase. One of the first decisions you have to make is what size and material you want shed to be.

For material you basically have 3 options and these are wooden (soft woods such as pine, redwood and fir are popular in the UK), metal sheds can last for years but may not suite everyone’s tastes and finally plastic sheds which are extremely durable and easy to construct but are perhaps, the most ugly choice.

For sizes try to buy the biggest shed you can afford, a 6x3 shed may be cheap but you will not get that much stuff inside it. Homebase garden sheds are really designed to store outdoor garden equipment such as mowers, BBQs, tools and even bicycles which doesn’t leave space for a work bench or lathe.

Homebase have some branded sheds including Forest, Rowlinson, Mercia, Rothley, Keter, Lifitime, Trimetals and BillyOh. You will not find these brands any cheaper than Homebase so it’s good to have them all in one place where you can compare quality and price together.

Homebase Wooden Sheds
Everyone loves a wooden garden shed, the fit in nearly all gardens and yes, they do require more maintenance and upkeep but that can be fun too. A treated shed with a nice deep coating looks amazing and Homebase offers a good range of wooden sheds, stains, creosotes and paint to make wooden shed look fantastic.

For sizes, you can buy a 6x4, 5x3, 6x4, 8x6, 7x5 and 3x7 Homebase wooden shed. Prices start from about £150 and these can be ordered on the internet and picked up in store or be delivered direct to your house.

Homebase Garden Shed

The Forest Shiplap Apex shed has had good reviews. Some criticisms indicate that the windows are a little flimsy which could make the shed easy to break into but most sheds under £200 are like this. You can have a shed like delivered to your door in just a couple of days but you will need two people to construct the shed and a good idea is have a wooden shed built on solid foundations such as paving slabs or a concrete base in order to product the bottom floor.

Homebase Metal Sheds
More durable than wooden sheds, these types of out buildings are more secure but less aesthetically pleasing. Thankfully, Homebase has a large range that will cater for most needs. Need a metal shed to store power tools, lawn mowers and other garden equipment? No problem – take a look at the Yardmaster Apex, 10x8ft.

It has double sliding doors, galvanised steel and a 10 year warranty. On the site reviews it like some people have difficulty in assembling this shed so it might be an idea to have a DIY expert on hand if you are not competent in building sheds.

Homebase Plastic Sheds
They are expensive but plastic sheds from Homebase are extremely well built. The Store More Lifetime plastic shed is 8ft x 5ft, made from polyethylene and metal, features two skylights and has a 10 year guarantee.

You would being made from plastic that these are not secure. Incorrect as the shed has two pad lockable doors and as long as you prep the base first you will no have problem in having a brilliant shed that will last for years to come.