A splendid combination of indefeasible British quality, unostentatious yet exquisite design and affordable prices, every product of Homebase Rattan Furniture guarantees the true comfort and cosiness. Whether you are looking to buy rattan for the garden, conservatory or dining room areas, Homebase UK has the best selection, highest quality and lowest prices.

The first example to prove that is Panama garden furniture set for two seaters. The black chairs made of durable latticed material are complemented by the neat coffee table in tune. The chairs’ cover pillows and the table surface are, however, contrast coloured in white and black respectively, making the latter constitute the centre of the assembly.

These units are intended to be placed in the garden or patio area, but the felicitous colour scheme along with the universal geometry allow them to supplement the interior of the balcony or veranda as well. This set can be also extended for a bigger company by adding two more sitting places; if so, the table is changed in its shape from quadratic to round and increased in height by more than 60 centimetres. The parasol that can be established on the table is not included in the set and is to be bought separately from either in store on direct online.

Thankfully, this leading DIY shop offers the garden sets that already comprise the parasol base and tent too. For example, Havana 4 Seater Rattan Effect Patio Set belongs exactly to this group. All the constituents of the kit are mono chromatically grey except of the glass table top which is black. With their legs being made of steel, the chairs have the braided seats and approximately the same sizes as the Panama’s items. In general, this kit has better steadiness against the adverse weather conditions than the previous one due to the presence of precipitation preventing cover, but the light colouring itself requires more thorough care to make the set last longer.

Homebase Rattan Furniture

Another option that the manufacturers suggest to give a proper rest in the garden for the whole family is the Bentley Garden Premium 5 Seater Rattan Garden Sofa Set. Although this solution is one of the most expensive among those presented by Homebase Rattan Furniture, it is distinctively comfortable and spacious.

The wicker of the sofa and the chairs is beige, whereas the soft removable pillows are white. Despite being seemingly too heavy, the whole kit weighs about 100 kilograms, which normally correlates with the 20 kilograms of the weight of Panama’s set for two.

Finally, for special guests coming, Homebase have prepared something special - the surprise is the St Tropez Four Seater Garden Furniture Set. The brown chequered chairs seem to be tall and narrow at the expense of short supporting legs. In its unity, design looks gorgeous and presentable, so that the most memorable moments are recommended to be shared at this set’s table.

Nevertheless, there are also offerings for those who want to think of some different solutions by themselves. Homebase DIY collections provide all the materials and details needed for creation of the high-quality products including rattan furniture.