Tired of washing you’re by hand or need a better way of blasting your patio clean? Take a look at the impressive range of Homebase pressure washers that will fit into any budget. What can a pressure washer do apart from cleaning the car? Anything that requires the blasting of water at a high speed.

They can deal with mud, dust, mould and dirt – if you have never seen a pressure washer in action in the garden then take a look online at some videos where people blast a patio area which rejuvenates the stones and brings them back to life. If you’re looking for the best and cheapest pressure in the UK then Homebase is a great place to start your search.

The most popular brands are Karcher and Vax. Homebase do not sell their own brand but instead, stock a really cheap pressure washer for under £50 called the Sovereign 1400W High Pressure Washer. At time of writing, this was an amazing £12 washer, reduced t over half price. You could not get a better deal anywhere in the UK, even at sale price you could not buy cheaper anywhere including eBay, Amazon, Argos or local DIY shop.

The Sovereign (Homebase own brand pressure washer) is good at light tasks and the reviews of this product certainly indicate this. One of the latest comments complained that it did not do a great job of blasting a patio clean so for heavy duty cleaning you would have to pay more money for a more powerful cleaner. Other reviewers sated that they were very happy with the Sovereign and it was a very good value for money washer.

The Qualcast 2000w high pressure washer has a very good 4.5 star review on the Homebase website and is under a £100. With several useful extensions including car wash brush and specialist patio cleaner then you cannot go far wrong with this model. If you compare this to Karcher then you would need to pay at least twice the price for the same power and specs.

Homebase Pressure Washer

As with all Homebase products you can order online and pick up in store or have your new pressure washer delivered direct to your home.

The Karcher K2 Premium is priced at under £130 and is one of the best on the market. With a full 5 star rating and a string of attachments (called lances) this washer would serve you years of use. The two year guarantee gives peace of mind and also comes with foam lance, car shampoo and patio cleaner.

Karcher is number one high pressure washer in the UK market and if you think you would a washer on a regular basis then this is recommended as the home improving best buy for the year. You might need to buy a connector called a coupling for this washer as it’s not included with the product.

For accessories and cleaning products such as patio detergent, car wash shampoo and extra brushes you can also buy these direct at Homebase.