You are already thinking about how best to prepare for the garden this year or you need to buy some more plants and flowers in the middle of Summer so you have decided you require some reasonably priced Homebase plant pots to in order to either make a home for some new flowers, plants or trees or to use as a temporary home whilst you decide on how to arrange your garden or patio area for the new season.

Being one of the best DIY shops in the UK, Homebase DIY has an excellent range of plant pots, planters, troughs and boxes all designed to last and at cheap prices. You can buy a plastic plant pot for under a pound and this will hold a small evergreen or deciduous plant for a week or so, giving you time to think of  good place to permanently plant your new flower or tree.

Terracotta Pots & Saucers
Terracotta pots are very popular at the moment. In fact you can also choose to purchase a green or terracotta saucer pot if you so wish. Saucer pots require less soil and the harder pots are more durable and in fact absorbs the water much better than plastic. The biggest sellers are the 19cm and 21cm saucer pots but please also take a look at the larger saucer pots at 38 and 42 cm for bigger indoor and outdoor plants.

If you are a brand gardener then Homebase have in stock and available to order online. Cadix, Rowlinson, Regency and BIC as well as the cheaper Homebase own brand.

Garden & Terrace Troughs
If you wish to plant a row of plants then a Homebase trough is recommended. Ideal replacements for window boxes, these can be plastic or wooden and come in either black, green or terracotta. Some reviews on the website indicate that the black troughs can fade after about a year so if you intend on having your trough placed in a mostly sunny location throughout the year then this might not be the best choice.

Homebase Plant Pots

Hexagonal Planters
One of the best Homebase Hexagonal planters is the 33cm plastic and terracotta product. You can order online and pick up in store if you want and these really give off that “Roman” and geometrical look which could be just what you are looking for. Square planters are another option if your space is limited or want a certain look for your garden. When you are buying any sort of plant pot or planter then make sure you also pick some decent compost (best with added John Innes) – a decent compost makes all the difference in a plant or flowers early life.

Another tip is to drill holes in the bottom of bigger planters – this ensure good drainage. Hexagonal and square troughs are also good for the greenhouse or allotment.

For cucumbers, tomatoes or any other large fruit or vegetable then the Homebase plant pots are both sturdy and lightweight making them the best on the market in the UK (when compared to other leading DIY shops such as Argos, Sainsbury’s, Wickes and B&Q).