Paving is one of the things that creates an immediate impression about your home. It can increase the curb appeal as well the resale value. Old and worn paving or patios can create a less positive feeling. It is very good news that with Homebase paving slabs it possible for you to do a professional and attractive job yourself, while not being charged an arm and a leg. Popular sizes include: 600x300, 600x600, 900x150, 450x450 and 300x300mm.

Homebase offers a wide variety of highly attractive and great quality DIY paving slabs that will enable you to transform your drive way, patio area or courtyard. Have a look at the different Homebase paving slabs and see what a difference they can make to your home. Enjoy the variety that we offer at more than reasonable prices. 
All slabs are made from natural stone or manufactured stones and meet the highest standards. Homebase DIY paving slabs are made to be uniform in size and thickness in order to facilitate a professional looking final product, quality and durability, at a fraction of the cost that a registered builder or landscaper would charge.

The especially created surfaces will also ensure that our slabs are safer than most, irrespective of the moods of British weather. The slabs are tough and durable, and minimal wear will occur in spite of maximum utilisation due to the warm and relaxed atmosphere created by your latest DIY success. At the same time, these slabs are easy to clean and keep clean.

Homebase Paving Slabs

The colours of Homebase paving slabs will not fade or change over the course of time or due to wear. The uniform colouring will make it easy for you to arrange the slabs in a way that is pleasing to the eye, while complementing their surrounds. Mixing and matching different designs also enables you to create new and unique patterns that are eye catching or smooth, depending on the look you are aiming for. The wide range that we offer, will complement what you already have or are that which you are trying to create.

Whether you choose concrete or ceramic at this leading DIY shop you can be sure of in stock slabs in differing styles such as smooth, textured, natural, traditional, classic, rumbled block that are designed for single sized patios and are made by leading brands such as Walton and Homebase own paving slabs.

Homebase also offers a variety of natural stepping stones that could be used to connect your front door and driveway, for example. In fact, the application of the stepping stones and slabs will only be limited by human imagination. This is another way of saying that there are endless possibilities.

Homebase does not only sell materials. They are known and respected for the quality before and after sales service they provide. The advice and insights gained from the free design and planning appointment will help you to avoid common mistakes and pitfalls. At the same time will they help to ensure that you do the job as cost effectively as possible, without sacrificing the professional result that you are aiming for.

Friendly employees are ready and able to assist you in renovating, replacing or updating your pave way, patio or walkways. The combination of our service, knowledge and products added to your vision and desire will ensure a professional, quality and eye pleasing result. Visit the official website for all the technical details about our paving slabs, as well as practical information to ensure a quality result.