You can separate outdoor lighting into three sections and Homebase has a huge selection available to buy online, direct on the website or via one of their stores located up and down the UK.

Outdoor Practical Lights
Do you need extra outdoor lights placed near garden walls, garage doors, house doors, porch areas and sheds? These not only help with the security of your house or business but also offer a practical solution to brighten up dark areas.

Lantern lights are extremely popular and among one of the best sellers for Homebase outdoor lighting. Traditional style coach lanterns can be placed in almost any spot including outdoor walls and house entrances. These come in steel and colours include black and silver.  For around £20 you can purchase a good, cheap outdoor lantern light from Homebase but you will need to buy a bulb to go with it.

Wall lights are less popular, Homebase only has a handful listed on their website for sale but for under £8 you can buy a Black 400w floodlight that can be attached to a wall. These can get very hot so make sure they are mounted away from kids and pets.

Homebase Outdoor Lighting

The reviews for this product are excellent with some users even placing this wall floodlight in the loft although the best practical uses for this light would be to be placed above patios, driveways, decking and ponds.

Outdoor Security Lights
PIR lights (passive infrared) come on when someone or an animal triggers across the range. These are excellent security lights and also save on electricity because they only come one for a set time period after they have been triggered. You can buy PIR lights or standalone detectors from Homebase. As with all security lighting and CCTV make sure that they are placed high enough so they cannot be meddled with or destroyed from the ground.

Opting to buy security lights does not mean you compromise on style or design. Homebase has a large selection of PIR coach lights and PIR lanterns. The Black & Decker 6 sided lantern for example is a really good best buy – a four star rating on the website.

It is powdered coated, made from high quality stainless steel and has an impressive energy class rating too. Reviewers comment that this product in very easy to fit and have them set so that they come on when the sun goes down and switches off in the morning. They also get brighter if they detect motion which is a good security feature.

Solar Lights
Don’t want annoying wires on your outdoor lights? Take a look at some cool Homebase outdoor solar lights. You can’t really place these in high up areas but they look great set deep in the flower beds or near a garden pond. They charge up during the day and you can set them to come on at night.

A four pack of solar coach lights costs less then fifteen pounds and are great fun. Each comes with a handy spike at the bottom and they can last up to 6 hours before needing charging up again. Some reviews complained these the lights came on sporadically whilst one user commented that the spike is quite short so in high winds they can blow over.

Whatever your needs, Homebase outdoor lighting has every type of light you could wish for with prices are amongst the lowest in the UK.