There is nothing to beat the feeling of warming yourself on an outside fire. The long summer nights, even in the UK can be a relaxing time spent with family and friends so why not treat yourself to a Homebase fire pit or chimenea for your garden – they look fantastic and are cheap to buy.

Before you simply hand over your cash or purchase direct online think about what sort of fire pit you need? What should it be made from to be safe and also which would look the best in the garden. Fire pits can also be second outside BBQs and used to cook delicious meats, kebabs and sweetcorn. Do you need a firepit to cook on as well – or simply to warm up outside late in the evening when the sun goes down.

Homebase Steel Fire Basket
For under £20 you can buy a basic, cheap fire pit at the UKs leading DIY store. It is black in colour and made from light weight steel, so it’s easy to move around when not in use. Assembling takes just a few minutes and you can also use the base to protect the fire pit when not in use.

This is great little product and one of the best fire pits you can buy for the money. You can also use these on bonfire night as they great garden outside warmers for when the fireworks are going off.

Enamelled Fire Pit with Grill
If you’re looking for a good quality fire pit with grill then check out the La Hacienda 55cm diameter in hard wearing enamel. Easy to clean, looks great and has that South American look to it – this firepit grill will not only keep you warm but also cooks great barbequed food thanks to the easy-to-clean chrome grill.

Homebase Fire Pit

Large Fire Pit Grill
If you need something bigger then the large firepit grill from La Hacienda has good reviews, reasonably priced and can be used to heat a large patio area and cook great BBQ food. The feature of this pit is that it has two grills and a handy side table for your cooked food to be neatly presented. This piece of equipment has everything you need to cook and heat a large party gathering in your back garden.

Homebase Own Brand Fire Basket
For under £40 you can look at the Homebase DIY own brand fire basket which is ideal for burning logs outside in the garden or yard area. Larger than the fire pit – is the log burning black cast iron basket. Looks can be deceiving, this outdoor burner is less than a half a metre in length so you might need two of these side by side if you wish to heat a large area.

La Hacienda Monterrey Chimenea
The advantage of having a chimenea instead of a log burning fire pit is that a chimenea is enclosed with the heat emitting front facing. Safer, for sure but if you require all around heat on a cold evening then an open fire pit would be a better option.

The La Hacienda Monterrey is a high quality garden heater that would look great in any style of garden. Assembling this product takes less than 30 mins and Homebase sometimes has 15% off days so check out your local store for any special deals and offers.