Is it time to consider replacing those old fence panels surrounding your rear garden? You know the ones where the kids’ football has made holes in the dry rotten slats. The holes you have tried to wire up and stop the dog escaping every time he is out in the garden.

Homebase Home Improvement Centres have a range of over fifty types of fence panels for you to choose from when landscaping and bordering your garden. Larch Lap and close boarded fencing panels give a solid boundary fence affording excellent privacy and security. With a width of 6ft they are supplied in a range of heights. Solidly constructed they will give years of service in the rigours of the British climate.

Homebase Fence Panels The large range of fence post fittings allow them to be erected over any surface type from soil to concrete. For those who prefer less solid screening lattice trellis can be incorporated along the top of the panels.

For a more decorative border line which doesn’t require a privacy screen the Europa Hamburg or Pale picket fence panels will meet your requirements. These extremely solid and durable panels will give the border that little bit extra and are also ideal for when the win blows down your panels and you need a cheap replacement.

All panels are built from mixed species softwoods sourced from environmentally friendly sustainable forests. Constructed to a high standard they are all pre-dipped and come with an expected service life of ten years.

Many of the panels can be purchased as a single item or in packs of three. The Europa Hamburg ( leading product in the Homebase fence panels range ) comes in packs of five. Fence posts and fittings are not included in the panel packs allowing for single posts to be purchased as required.

Not sure it’s a task you can undertake? With basic DIY skills most, with assistance from another pair of hands, can erect a fence with little trouble.

Homebase home improvement centres carry a large range of instructional leaflets and videos. Their “How to” erect a fence series, will walk you through the process. Tools required, calculating panel and post numbers and type best suited to your needs. Preparing, erecting and fixing the panels. All the way through to fence construction on sloping ground.

Online shopping is available for all items unless otherwise stated and the full range of fencing products can be viewed ordered and paid for online. Delivery can be arranged for your convenience from any of the stores.