Putting up some shelves can make use of limited space in a room. Walls tend to be the only place where there is some opportunity to store or display items that normally get left inside a cupboard or put away in a cardboard box. Shelves can be used for a variety of purposes too - in the home then can show off your favourite photographs, act as a book shelf and display collections of ornaments such as fine bone china or porcelain pieces.

You can find some of the best shelving units at Homebase - the number one DIY shop in the UK. So if you are looking to install a shelf inside your garage, shed, bedroom, bathroom, living room or dining room then you can be sure that there is plenty of choice of Homebase shelves at super cheap prices that will be just right for your interior design needs.

Homebase ShelvingWhat kind of shelves can you buy at Homebase? The answer to that is every kind and that includes over 8 types of shelves such as drawer cabinets, shelf boards, shelving units, wall mounted shelves, modular shelving systems, shelf boards, wrapped shelves' and display shelves which ideal for kids bedrooms too. Remember to check out the discount shelves which are on special offer at Homebase- that way you can get more for your money and also still add those Nectar points.

There is a cheap MDF white shelf board that costs just £9.49 but has no fixings. a glass shelf for the bathroom which is also available as corner unit costs just £15 and includes the fixings you need to attach it to bathroom tiles. For the style conscious top brands like Habitat, Home of Style and Hygena dominate both in store and online where you can expect a standard two day delivery on all shelves from Homebase UK DIY.

One of the most popular styles at the moment is the cottage pine shelf kit which includes a 60cm pine shelf, two pine brackets and requires just one person to put up. Plastic shelve units are both tough and durable and thus make perfect garage items for storing tools, parts, paint and gardening items. The graphite model features 5 handy plastic shelves is easy to assemble and light enough to move around so you can find the perfect location to place it down.

Home tech is prevalent in most houses these days so why not treat yourself to a mini shelf next to your bed that can house an iPad or tablet, mobile phone and TV remotes - leaning over or bending down can also cause injury to the back and they help keep the room much tidier.