A new shower door can make all the difference to an existing bathroom or can look fantastic as part of a new installation. Homebase has a big range of shower doors that will fit into any style of bathroom, from the new modern shower rooms to the traditional bathrooms with old showers buying a new shower door from Homebase will certainly improve the look of your bathroom and you can order direct off the website or pop into your local DIY store and pick one up today.

Homebase Shower DoorsYou can basically buy a shower screen or a shower enclosure. A screen is cheaper and normally can be fitted on top of the bath, therefore making an extra DIY work un-necessary. The Homebase over bath shower screen for example is 800mm in width making it a perfect fit for most standard size baths.

Enclosures are split into two different types, the recess shower enclosure and the sliding door shower enclosure. The recess is generally more expensive and can be made of toughened glass which is best.

Most also come with tray and attachable doors, the key to having a water tight shower enclosure is using a good silicone sealant. Application should be continuous and don't forget you must install an extractor fan in your shower room / bathroom it is required by UK law so when planning your new shower room bear this in mind.