Replacing an old bath suite with a brand new one from Homebase is not as daunting as you might think, you will need some plumbing skills but with the Homebase guides free for you to download, print out and use you can save hundreds of pounds on labour alone.

The first task is to measure up and plan your new Homebase bathroom suite, this must be done before you rip out the old one, if you plan on just buying the bath suite and getting your local plumber or the installation team from Homebase DIY to do it then they will obviously work with you on the planning stage.

Homebase Bath SuitesIf you are doing everything yourself then make sure you have somewhere else to bath and wash the kids as it could take a few days to complete. Proper planning will result in a happy bathroom installation with the risks of things going wrong being kept down to a minimum.

So what bathroom suites are there for sale at Homebase? There is a wide range of suites to match every budget and for every size of bathroom. The current line up includes: Contemporary bathrooms, Classic bathrooms and Traditional bathrooms.

As well as those ranges of bathroom suites, Homebase also do a special budget range of bathrooms called the value bathroom packs. The cheapest suite they do is the Bartley saving pack which has a decent bath, toilet and sink finished off in nice white ceramic.

If you want to buy something a little more up-market then you can mix and match from the website and order directly online. Some products will be out of stock and you can always ring them up and ask when the bathroom suite will be available to buy.

If you are fitting the bath suite yourself then make sure you have tools required, for the toilet alone you will need a pipe detector, a set of good screwdrivers, power drill, pushfit connector, adjustable wrench, spray lubricant, toilet seat, spanners and a float.

Check out the Homebase bath suite 1/2 price deals on selected models. These change quite often so it's always worth coming back to the website to see what they have on special offer for that week.