One of the big advantages in buying a new bathroom from Homebase is that you can actually see what you are buying. This is a very competitive market and Homebase DIY are keen to offer special discounts from time to time as do the other big DIY stores, B&Q and Wickes.

It doesn't matter whether you are looking to buy a bathroom and install itself or get the Homebase installation team to do it for you because the advice you will get from the specialist bathroom planners will point you in the right direction. Budget bathroom packs start from under £250 and that includes brand new toilet, bath and sink which is available to buy in store or you can order online and get it delivered direct to your address.

Homebase BathroomsThe bargain range consists names like Bartley, Pacific, Phase and St. Tropez. These cheap bathrooms are made of ceramic, ceramic and acrylic and ceramic and steel and whilst they may not have the luxurious features that more expensive bathrooms offer these represent very good value for money and are ideal for rented property, student homes, first time buyers and those people who are on a strict budget.

You still get a good statutory guarantee and if your read some reviews about the cheap bathrooms for sale at Homebase DIY then you will realise that they are good quality with a high finish and would suit any type of bathroom.

Bathroom Buying Guide
How do you decide on what bathroom to buy? Planning is key and you would need to draw out your existing bathroom to see how much room you have. Remember to put in static, non-removable items like radiators, doors and windows in your plan.

Sometimes little things can make all the difference, like having the door opening the other way (which is not difficult to do) and realising that you need standing space for when you get in and out of the bath is really important to take into consideration.

How much storage do you need? a typical family of two parents and two kids will need storage for towels, toiletries, cleaning products and a medicine cabinet. Most bathrooms are white so it is very easy to match all the cabinets, shelving and cupboards together giving the bathroom a touch of class.

Finally, there is the lighting, floor tiles and wall tiles to consider - safety is the prime consideration when it comes to the floor, good non-slip tiles do not cost that much and look great. For bathroom wall tiles, you can buy Homebase own brand that are cheap and are easy to apply. Remember if you are buying anew shower then this needs to be installed by a qualified electrician and bathroom need to be fitted by an experienced plumber.